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How to use AdwCleaner version 3.x

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This tutorial explains how to use AdwCleaner version 3.x. AdwCleaner is a tool developed by Xplode, aiming to get rid of Potentially Unwanted Softwares and Adwares. Although the use is quite simple, it is advisable to read the following instructions.

Table of ContentsAdwCleaner logo

  1. Download
  2. Scan
  3. Clean
  4. Quarantine
  5. Hosts Anti-Pup
  6. Donate
  7. Uninstall

Click on the picture to zoom in.


  1. Go to this page to download AdwCleaner (from Xplode) :dlpage small
  2. Click the green arrow to download the software. A small window appears, then click the Save File button > select Desktop as destination :fenetredl small
  3. AdwCleaner is downloaded on the desktop :icoadwcdled small


  1. Right-click on AdwCleaner icon (see above) and Run it as administrator.
  2. The main window appears :interface small
  3. Click the [Scan] button. The program is analyzing the computer searching malicious elements :scanner small
  4. Once AdwCleaner completed its scan, it shows you suspicious and/or malicious elements organized per tab :fichierstrouves small
  5. Click the [Report] button. A logfile appears. Attach it with your answer on a forum. (or host it in Up2Share and directly share the link) :rapport ouvert small

Services Tab : Malicious services list. The tool will disable and then delete the service.

Folders Tab : Malware folders list. The tool will delete the content and then the folder(s).

Files Tab : Malicious files list. The tool will delete the file(s).

Links Tab : Modified or hidden links list. The tool will restore the links to previous state before being infected.

Registry Tab : Registry items modified by the infection. It depend on the element found, the tool will delete the key, the value or the data, or restore the key.

Products Tab : Infections CLSID list.

Internet Explorer : List of configuration and extensions modified by the infection. The tool will remove the extensions and restore the configuration.

Firefox : List of profiles and preferences files. Addons are listed in the tabs "Folders" and "Registry".

Chrome : List of profiles and preferences files. Addons are listed in the tabs "Folders" and "Registry".

If you don't want to delete an item, uncheck it.

Note the logfile is also saved in C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[R0].txt

The Scan function doesn't delete anything. It just lists elements which will be deleted by clicking on Clean button.


  1. When the scan completes (see the previous chapter) and uncheck item(s) you don't want to remove, click the [Clean] button :boutonnettoyer small
  2. A small window to inform that all programs will be closed :nettoyer alertefermetureprogrammes small
  3. Then, AdwCleaner delete all ticked elements. An information window appears, you should read it carefully :nettoyagefin small
  4. If a computer reboot is needed, a small window appears :reboot alerte small
  5. When the computer is rebooted, it will open a logreport window :report reboot nettoyage small
  6. In the same way as the Scan option, you should post it on a forum (or host the logfile on Up2Share and directly share the link).

Note : the log report is also saved in C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[S0].txt


  1. Click on Tools > Quarantine to open the quarantine :outil quarantaine small
  2. The list of files previously deleted by AdwCleaner are listed in the quarantine.quarantaine fenetre small Here, two options :
      • If you got a script to restore some files, click on [Load a script] and select the text file to restore elements.

    The quarantine's script must contain one or several paths (one per line) of the file to restore. Example :

      • Tick elements to restore, and click the [Restore] button :quarantaine restaurer small
  3. A report of restored elements appears :quarantaine restauration log small

Hosts Anti-Pup/Adware

  1. Hosts Anti-Pup/Adwares, developed by Malekal_Morte is directly available in AdwCleaner, by clicking on Tools > Hosts Anti-Pup/Adwares :

    outils hostsantipup small

  2. A window appears. Click on [Ok] to install Hosts Anti-Pup/Adwares on the computer.

info hostsantipup small

The whole tutorial Hosts Anti-Pup/Adwares is available here.


This software developed by Xplode is FREE, so you can help to maintain it by a donation. To donate :

  1. Click on [Donate] :faireundon bouton small
  2. Your browser opens a webpage, on which you can make your donation :paypal xplode small


Although AdwCleaner doesn't need installation procedure, it saves some files on the computer (utilitaries, quarantine..). You should remove them by clicking on [Uninstall] :

bouton desinstaller small

  1. A window appears confirm the quarantine deletion (the files present in the quarantine will no longer be restorable) :alerte desinstaller small
  2. Click on [Yes] To uninstall AdwCleaner.

If you need some help, don't hesitate to ask for help on the forum : forum.general-changelog-team.fr

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